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Putting Sustainability Into Practice For Business

With sustainability the new buzzword in today’s world, how can businesses adapt and thrive in this new economic model that is anchored upon sustainable development?

Designed especially for business owners, senior management and executives of SMEs and corporations in Singapore, this course is intended to help participants acquire a better understanding and appreciation of sustainability-related risks, impacts and the importance of integrating sustainability into the organisation. Upon the completion of the course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge to undertake the sustainability transformation of their organisations.

*In partnership with Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Environment Council’s Putting Sustainability into Practice for Business is part of the Enterprise Sustainability Programme – Sustainability Courses series where 70% of the course fee is sponsored by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and company participants will only need to pay 30% of the full course fee. *Subject to eligibility criteria

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The three-module course covers topics and issues such as global trends, physical and transitional risks, resource resilience, materiality assessment, understanding ESG factors, carbon emissions reduction, reporting and disclosures, amongst others.

Module 1

Core Concepts for Organisational Sustainability

  • Impart knowledge of basic sustainability concepts
  • Build a sense of awareness and appreciation of sustainability and relate it to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations for businesses

Module 2

Managing Risks for Resilience

  • Impart an understanding of sustainability and ESG risks and the business, economic and financial impact
  • Help learners to deal with ESG challenges with tools and processes to identify and map critical issues and define and hone their ability to develop some basic strategies and actions in responding to sustainability and ESG risks

Module 3

Strategies and Actions for Sustainability Excellence

  • Help learners define social, economic and environmental issues critical to their organisation
  • Develop mitigation strategies and actions that are appropriate and relevant to the organisation
  • Build resource resilience and conceive circularity principles and practices where relevant
  • Understand and build a robust sustainability profile that can form a business case to tap on Sustainable/Green Finance

As part of the course offerings, participants will also be entitled to the below.

  • Self-Assessment Toolkit
    A bespoke tool that allows participants to assess the level of sustainability readiness of their organisation.

  • Complimentary Sustainability Assessment
    An audit of their organisation’s sustainability health by assessing parameters such as energy, waste, water and governance, done with the support of the Singapore Environment Council.


The course will be facilitated by industry experts and trainers, with different activities such as group discussions, mini quizzes and case studies that help provide a deep understanding of the content.

Master Facilitators

John S. Hamalian

Trainer - Facilitator - Coach


  • MBA from Fordham University in New York
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Kettering University in Michigan
  • Certified Trainer (ACLP)

John has over 20 years of experience at General Motors, Dell and his own business, practicing, training and coaching Innovation, Management, Sustainability, Change and Transformation.

He has been actively engaged in the Sustainable Development and ESG movements for over a decade: lecturing, writing and training on the topics; promoting the integration of sustainability into regular business management practices; and achieving professional competency in key areas such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business Strategy and ISO-26000, including earning a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism.


The total duration of the course is 16 hours. This will be conducted across 4 sessions spread across 2 weeks. Each cohort will be approximately 25 to 30 pax and will be led by 1 master facilitator and 1 supporting facilitator per class.


Course Dates


Day 1 – 21st

Day 2 – 23rd

Day 3 – 28th

Day 4 – 2nd Mar


Day 1 – 21st

Day 2 – 24th

Day 3 – 28th

Day 4 – 29th


Day 1 – 18th

Day 2 – 20th

Day 3 – 25th

Day 4 – 27th


Day 1 – 23rd

Day 2 – 25th

Day 3 – 30th

Day 4 – 1st June


Day 1 – 20th

Day 2 – 21st

Day 3 – 22nd

Day 4 – 23rd


Day 1 – 20th

Day 2 – 21st

Day 3 – 26th

Day 4 – 29th


Day 1 – 24th

Day 2 – 25th

Day 3 – 26th

Day 4 – 27th


Day 1 – 22nd

Day 2 – 23rd

Day 3 – 29th

Day 4 – 30th


Day 1 – 19th

Day 2 – 20th

Day 3 – 21st

Day 4 – 22nd


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    This is not a self-paced learning course, participants are expected to join the classes which will be facilitated live by qualified instructors.

    There is no academic pre-qualification required. However, there is an eligibility criterion to receive the subsidy on the course fee, please refer to the answers below for more details on subsidy and eligibility criteria.

    Not at the moment. However eligible participants will be able to get a grant in the form of a subsidised fee by Enterprise Singapore.

    • Course fee of S$4501 payable per eligible participant is only applicable for up to 3 participants per business entity registered and operating in Singapore, or a trade association (TAC) registered with the Registry of Societies (ROS) or Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and defined as a non-profit organisation.
    • Participants must be nominated by their company or trade association for participation in this series of Sustainability Courses2.
    • Each individual will only be supported to participate in the sustainability courses once.
    • Company is liable to make full payment for the course fees if the company or participants are found to be ineligible or fail to complete the course.

    1 GST for the original course fee is payable

    2 The first series of Enterprise Sustainability Programme – Sustainability Courses is offered by Singapore Environment Council, Global Compact Network Singapore, and PwC Singapore. You may refer here for the list of courses under the series.

    Participants will be entitled to:

    a) Certificate of Competition (CoC),
    b) Self-assessment tool report,
    c) Complementary Sustainability Assessment by SEC

    The course will have pre-reading, group discussions, mini quizzes and group presentations. The different activities are ensuring a deep understanding of the content. These activities will not be graded however participants must attend the whole course to be entitled to receive the CoC.

    This course is targeted at business owners, senior management and executives of SMEs and corporates in Singapore.

    While the course will help them come to a better understanding and appreciation of sustainability-related risks, impacts and possible actions, at the end of 3 modules of learning, all participants will be subjected to a hands-on exercise through SEC’s bespoke self-assessment tool.

    In addition to that, the participants will be entitled to a complimentary full sustainability audit of their organisation by the SEC.

    The self-assessment tool helps users explore the sustainability readiness of their organisations, and how self-knowledgeable they are about sustainability issues in their organisation. The self-assessment tool assesses organisations into five key areas: Governance, Energy, Water, Waste, Carbon. The responses from the participants will translate into a score that will inform the profile of the participant’s organisation.

    All pax from the company can attend the course. The first 3 pax will enjoy the subsidy by Enterprise Singapore if they qualify the eligibility criteria. The rest of the participants will have to pay the full fee.

    Participants who are eligible for the subsidy will enjoy the subsidy upfront. They only need to pay the subsidised amount. However, if the participants don’t complete the course, they are liable to return the subsidised amount

If you have any further questions do contact us at info@sec.org.sg or call us at 6337 6062