Eco – Certifications

Eco Certifications are a critical integral component of GreenDNA, a certification system that encourages organisations to adopt a Low Carbon Lifestyle, a green mindset of using One Less, and the practice of Responsible Consumption, rewarding them with internationally recognised carbon emissions reduction (CER) reports and the GreenDNA certificate. For details on GreenDNA, click here.

Our enhanced Eco Office Certification has guided 700 offices in implementing effective environmentally-friendly practices by increasing eco-consciousness among staff, which in turn helps organisations manage waste by reducing the usage of paper, water and electricity.

Launched in December 2018, the enhanced Eco Office programme provides applicants with new tools and approaches to begin their certification journey. This includes a greater focus on change management and driving behavioural changes amongst employees.

Introducing Eco Office Pre-Certification

To prepare organisations new to Eco Office, SEC introduces Emerging Eco Office, a pre-certification process where, for a small fee, gives organisations a sneak peek into the process via a self-assessment process.

The self-assessment provides organisations with a clearer picture on the requirements and documentation needed to become Eco certified, and helps them in their first steps towards their sustainability journey.

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You can also check out the list of Eco Office certified partners here.

The Eco Shop certification programme is aimed at encouraging retail business owners to fit out their shops in an environmentally sustainable manner and adopt green practices in their daily operations. Other than receiving recognition for their commitment to being green, retailers like our Eco Shop certified clients (click) can also reduce their energy consumption and utility bills in the long run.

The Eco Shop certification is based on a scoring system to evaluate the environmental performance of retail shops in the areas of Environmental Management & Awareness, Purchasing & Operations, Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Waste Management, and Water Conservation.

Reduce your shop’s resource consumption and achieve cost savings in the long run.

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The Eco F&B is a certification programme that assesses the environmental management system of a food establishment. It facilitates the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices by addressing the establishment’s environmental policies, air quality, as well as its water, energy and waste management.

Operators learn how to further reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating environmentally-friendly measures into their business practices.

Eco F&B certified businesses enjoy benefits such as gaining consumers’ recognition for being civic-mindedness, saving on utilities/ paper consumption, using the eco-certification credentials (name cards, paper bags, shop fronts, marketing collaterals), reducing food wastage and cultivating a green culture organisation that customers can identify and relate to.

Be Eco F&B certified like these restaurants, eateries, cafes and other food establishments.

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Singapore is a regional hub for Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) events. There are hundreds of sporting events organised in Singapore annually. Our SEC Eco Events Programme aims to bring event organisers on board the sustainability journey, by providing a report on the impact of environmental initiatives and certifying events which meet our sustainability criteria.

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The Eco Manufacturing certification looks into the entire production processes of procurement, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation. It helps guide manufacturing companies on how to reduce their environmental impact by encouraging green practices in corporate policy, and translating them into sustainable measures in the areas of energy, water and resource efficiency and carbon emission reduction.

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