Free Recycling Bins for Schools’ Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

The RENEW (REcycling Nation’s Electronic Waste) programme is a collaborative consumer-driven environmental effort between DHL, StarHub and TES-AMM, aimed at encouraging positive behavioural changes towards e-waste disposal amongst schools and the community. SEC is working with StarHub to roll out these bins to Junior Colleges and Institutes of Higher Learning this year. However, interested schools may also drop us an enquiry.

To acquire a free e-waste recycling bin, please contact us However, do note that there are a limited number of these bins, which will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Please click here for FAQs and important guidelines with regards to bin placement and maintenance.

Community in Bloom (CIB)

Put your horticulture skills to good use and contribute to the unique green ambience of Singapore through our ‘Community In Bloom’ programme!

Launched in May 2005, and first carried out at Mayfair Park Estate, the Community in Bloom nationwide gardening movement aims to foster a community spirit and bring together residents, both young and old, to make Singapore our garden.  The CIB programme is also available for schools, with a set of ‘Community In Bloom Schools’ resources containing ideas and suggestions  on how to transform school gardens into outdoor classrooms and instil a love for horticulture in students. Besides contributing to the lush greenery of the school, these programmes also add value to your curricula and encourage self-directed learning among students, helping them develop skills in science processes, project management, teamwork and entrepreneurism.

Today, CIB has close to 1,000 community gardens across Singapore and has engaged over 20,000 residents, students and other groups. Join us as we work hand-in-hand to create beautiful community gardens and contribute to making Singapore our City in a Garden. Please click here to find out more.

Community in Nature (CIN)

The Community in Nature (CIN) initiative is a national movement to connect and engage different groups in the community to conserve Singapore’s natural heritage. Launched in September 2011, this initiative is aligned with NParks’ City in a Garden vision and Singapore’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan. CIN brings together all of NParks’ nature-related events, activities and programmes, to better reach out to the community to encourage them to bond over and with nature. One can take things at their own pace yet have the chance to grow from being a casual observer to become a more active participant in acting for our biodiversity.

Please click here to find out more.

3R Awards

The 3R Awards (based on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) recognise and reinforce the positive environmental effects which students and teachers learn about. This programme encourages everyone in schools to inculcate the continuous habit of practising the 3Rs, contributing to better waste management and enhanced recycling.

Formerly managed by the National Environment Agency, this award has been administered by SEC since July 2013. In 2016, the 3R Awards will be fully integrated into the SGA framework.

As with SGA, the 3R Awards is open to preschools, primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, international schools, schools for students with special needs and IHLs in Singapore.

Based on a similar point system, the ‘Towards a Zero-Waste Nation: 3Rs and Waste Management’ section in schools’ SGA submission will determine winners of the “Best 3R Award” certificate. Schools who have chosen to focus on ‘3Rs and Waste Management’ for their environmental outreach project, will stand a higher chance of achieving this title which recognises overall best performance in the area of 3Rs, and will be awarded to only one school per education level from 2016 onwards.

For more information, please contact us at or call 6337 6062.