Given the unique COVID-19 situation around the world, Singapore Environment Council (SEC) wants to ensure that the health and safety of our participating schools are of utmost concern to us. Hence, we appreciate your kind patience despite this delay.

For the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life around the world and in Singapore. On one side of the spectrum, global carbon emissions has reached a new low in several decades, but on the other hand, single-use plastics has never been a greater challenge. The threat of climate change does not pause even in the midst of crisis and we would like to urge eco champions to rise to the occasion and continue to lead the charge on innovative new green solutions.

To that end, the SEC-StarHub School Green Awards will proceed this year with a few revisions to its criteria and requirements so as to better safeguard all participants. These changes will ensure that all participants comply with existing ordinances on social distancing while still being proactive in spearheading green initiatives within your school and community. We will officially launch the SGA 2020 application in a few weeks’ time.

To start off, we’ve created a closed Facebook group for teachers in the SGA community. We hope that this group will facilitate better communication (updates and feedback) and for you to also share about your SGA experiences! Please respect the privacy and comments of all members in the group.