SGA Industry Challenge 2020

About the Programme

Climate change represents a threat to both our lives and our livelihood. The UN reports that carbon emissions must be cut significantly by 2050 to mitigate the potentially catastrophic effects of global warming.

The School Green Awards (SGA) Industry Challenge provides a platform for the bright young minds in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) to gain exposure to real-life industry challenges and champion greener solutions for all. This challenge is aimed at getting green advocates to develop innovative yet practical solutions that will future-proof many of today’s industries against growing environmental uncertainties.

In partnership with seventh-year SGA title sponsor, StarHub will take the lead in this inaugural programme to provide unique insights into developing sustainable solutions within a corporate landscape. Tertiary-level students participating in this programme will get first-hand experience in creating green solutions that will make a lasting impact in real world industries.

Visit the SGA Industry Challenge microsite here.