Part A – Greening Your Campus: Environmental Audit Questionnaire

  • Part A is an audit questionnaire that reviews a schools’ efforts and its initiatives within the campus, in relation to various environmental aspects. It is used to track schools’ environmental performance year-on-year.
  • Part A is assessed using a multiple-choice format which requires the provision of supporting details for selected questions.

Part B – Environmental Outreach Project

  • Part B focuses on student-led environmental outreach projects. Schools are required to initiate and execute an outreach project (within the assessment period) that aims to raise awareness on any environmental issues or causes of their choice.
  • Schools should conduct their project based on one of three SEC’s GreenDNA themes:
    • Low Carbon Lifestyle
    • One Less
    • Responsible Consumption & Production
  • In view of current social distancing measures, schools are encouraged to run outreach projects that reach out to both the school population and their family members. Students may also consider engaging the community via digital means*.
  • Through this component, participating green teams will develop vital skills such as project management, time management, creativity, problem-solving and communication skills while gaining a deeper knowledge of the environment.
  • Part B is assessed using an open-ended format, which requires the provision of supporting details for selected questions.

*Teachers and students are reminded to follow social distancing measures at all times.

 The assessment criteria for Part B is as follows:

Criteria Details
(Project Definition)
  • Description of a problem or idea identified within your school/community based on the chosen GreenDNA theme.
  • Project realisation and demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the chosen environmental topic.
  • Projects will be assessed for how unique or in-depth the identified problem is.
  • The depth of the research conducted to better understand the extent of the problem.
Campaign – Outreach and Design
(Project Execution)
  • Description of how the campaign was conducted to address the problem and improve it holistically. This should include:
    • A post-project summary that documents key findings and main highlights
    • Resources used to complete the project
  • Students are encouraged to use online platforms to share the message to a wider audience.
  • Projects will be assessed based on its creativity, innovation and platforms used to carry out the campaign.
Impact Analysis
  • Description of effectiveness and final outcome derived from the project. There should be evidence of positive environmental impact as well as successful community outreach and environmental advocacy. Such outcomes can be reflected in hard or soft approaches, using qualitative or quantitative materials.
  • Projects should also identify any future improvements to the campaign; creating reasonable targets based off their current outcome


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