Part A – Greening Your Campus: Environmental Audit Questionnaire

  • Part A is an audit questionnaire that reviews a schools’ efforts and its initiatives within the campus, in relation to various environmental aspects. It is used to track schools’ environmental performance year-on-year.
  • Part A is assessed using a multiple-choice format which requires the provision of supporting details for selected questions.



Part B – Environmental Outreach Project Proposal

  • Part B focuses on a student-led environmental outreach project proposal. Students are to propose a project proposal that aims to raise awareness about any environmental issues or causes of their choice.
  • The project should identify an environmental issue and showcase students’ creativity in a project plan to ‘Be The Change”.
  • The project must address at least one of the 5 key pillars in the Green Plan
    • City in Nature – Biodiversity and Greenery
    • Sustainable Living – Saving Resources
    • Energy Reset
    • Green Economy
    • Resilient Future
  • Through this component, participating green teams will develop vital skills such as project management, time management, creativity, problem-solving and communication skills while gaining a deeper knowledge of the environment.
  • Part B is assessed using an open-ended format, based on the criteria stated below.

 The assessment criteria for Part B is as follows:

Criteria Details
(Project Definition)
  • Description of a problem or idea identified based on the SGA theme.
  • Demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the chosen topic.
  • Choice of topic and how unique or in-depth the identified problem is.
  • The depth of research conducted to better understand the extent of the problem.
Campaign/Solution (Planned Execution)
  • Description of how the campaign would address the problem.
  • Documents key findings, main highlights and resources that will be used.
  • Creativity, innovation and platforms that will be used to carry out the campaign
Projected Results (Expected Results)
  • Description of effectiveness and expected outcome from the project.
  • Explanation of how the project would create a positive environmental impact.
  • Identify any possible future improvements to make.


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