Part A – Greening Your Campus: Environmental Audit Questionnaire

  • Part A is the audit questionnaire that reviews schools’ efforts and initiatives within the campus, in relation to various environmental aspects. It is used to track schools’ environmental performance year-on-year.
  • Part A is in a multiple-choice format which requires the provision of supporting details for selected questions.

Part B – An Active and Gracious Community: Environmental Outreach

  • Part B focuses on community environmental outreach by students. Schools are required to initiate and execute an outreach project (within the assessment period) that will raise the public’s awareness with regards to any environmental issues and environmental causes of their choice (e.g. human-animal conflict management, conserving precious resources, promoting greenery and biodiversity etc.)
  • Schools can select their own target audience for this outreach project. It can be the entire community at large or a specific sector of the community (e.g. neighbouring schools’ students)
  • Through this component, participating green teams may develop vital skills such as project management, time management, creativity, problem-solving and communication skills while gaining a deeper knowledge of aspects of the environment.
  • Part B is in an open-ended format which requires the provision of supporting details for selected questions.

The assessment criteria for Part B is as follows:

Project Definition Refers the overall project theme and target audience.
Project Execution Refers to the project realisation and demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the chosen environmental topic. Answers in this section should describe how the project took place and the various materials/resources required to carry out the planned activity. A post-project summary that documents happenings and main highlights should be included. Resources used to complete a successful project should also be mentioned.
Impact Analysis Refers to the effectiveness and outcomes derived from the project. There should be evidence of positive environmental impact as well as successful community outreach and environmental advocacy achieved. Such outcomes can be reflected in hard or soft approaches, qualitative and quantitative materials.
Future Plans Refers to the identification of improvements that can be made for future runs of the project. There should be evidence of reasonable targets set after taking into consideration the outcomes already achieved this time.
Bonus Project(s) Refers to the optional section where schools are allowed to submit up to 2 other environmental outreach projects for consideration.


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