As the national water agency, PUB is responsible for the collection, production, distribution and reclamation of water in Singapore.

Rainwater is collected through rivers, streams, canals and drains, and stored in 17 reservoirs. Various reservoirs are linked by pipelines so that excess water can be pumped from one reservoir to another, thus optimising storage capacity.

Raw water is piped to the waterworks for treatment.

After treatment, the water is stored in covered reservoirs before being distributed to customers.

Water that has been used by customers is collected via an extensive sewerage system and treated at water reclamation plants. Used water is a resource too – treated used water is further purified using advanced membrane technology to produce high-grade reclaimed water, known as NEWater.

With an eye on the future, PUB has built the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) for long-term sustainability. An integral part of the water loop, the DTSS is a superhighway that channels used water to a centralised water reclamation plant for treatment. The treated used water will then be discharged into the sea or further purified into NEWater.