MSE is committed to a clean and sustainable environment with resilient supplies of safe food and water. Their three strategic directions include economic resilience, resource resilience, and climate resilience.

Climate Resilience: to address existential threats of climate change especially rising sea levels and cope with rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns to sustain a liveable environment.

Economic Resilience: to ensure the future Singapore economy remains competitive by overcoming carbon & resource constraints, and to rally stakeholders towards sustainable economic growth.

Resource Resilience: to ensure safe and secure supply of critical resources, i.e. water and food, and to overcome global resource constraints by maximising resource efficiency & closing our resource loops.

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) works alongside three statutory boards – National Environmental Agency, PUB, and the Singapore Food Agency and realises its vision and mission through innovation, technology, and vibrant partnerships with the private, public and people (3P) sectors – Private, Public and People.