SEAA Award Committees

The SEAA award committees are involved in the judging and selection process of winners.

The judging process is a four-stage process. Each shortlisted company will be expected to undergo an on-site assessment

by a team comprising of members of the Assessment Committee (AC). The Steering Committee oversees the process

and makes the final selection of SEAA 2019 winners.


Role of Steering Committee:

The SEAA Steering Committee is set up to provide leadership and direction for SEAA. The Committee will be strategically involved

in the evaluation and selection of the winners for all award categories, based on the recommendations put forth by the Assessment

Committee. The Chairman of the Steering Committee gives direction to the Committee and ensure that a balanced and fair viewpoint

is taken in the course of determining the SEAA winners.

Members of SEAA 2019 Steering Committee:

Role of Assessment Committee:

The SEAA Assessment Committee (henceforth referred to as “AC”) is set up to provide technical support and advice to draw conclusion
at each of the SEAA site assessments conducted.

Only shortlisted SEAA applicants will be selected for the site assessment phase for that year. This selection process will be completed by SEC and Deloitte.

The AC will be accountable to the SEAA Steering Committee.

Members of SEAA 2019 Assessment Committee: