Award Categories

Award Category Criteria Structure
SEC-SETSCO Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Manufacturing)  

*Definition of SMEs:

  • At least 30% local shareholding; AND
  • <200 employees OR <100 million turnover

Definition of Large Organisations:

  • All companies excluding those that qualify as SMEs

Each level of the Environment Leadership Pyramid is defined as follows:

Level 1: Systems & Management refers to the environmental standards in place and how environmental initiatives are practised and managed in the organization

Level 2: Environmental Performance – Measurements for environmental performance include reduction in consumption levels, carbon emissions, improving awareness levels, and avoiding environmental impact

Level 3: Innovation refers to the development of creative approach to improve environmental performance

Level 4: Leadership & Advocacy – Execution of leadership – driving awareness and buy-in for environmental initiatives within the organisation and externally in the business industry

Level 5: Sector-Specific refers to industry specific environmental performances for the respective categories – Manufacturing, Service, Public Sector, Transport & Logistics and Regional.

SEC-STATS Asia Pacific Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Services)
SEC Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Public Sector)
SEC-CITIC Telecom Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Regional)
SEC Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Transport & Logistics)
SEC-Senoko Energy Green Innovation Award The SEC Green Innovation Award is given to innovative products in the market
that aid to improve environmental performance and/or reduce environmental impact. Each
product application is judged according to the following criteria:

  • Attributes and recognition of product innovation
  • Competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Environmental benefit of product innovation
  • Initial investments
SEC-CDL Outstanding Environmental Achievement Award Only applicants who have been shortlisted as winners of the Manufacturing,
Services, Public Sector, Transport & Logistics, and Regional categories for the present year will be eligible for the final
category – the SEC Outstanding Environmental Achievement Award.

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