Application Guidelines

General Guidelines on Application

    1. For the Manufacturing, Services and Public Sector award categories, any foreign or local
      organisation registered in Singapore, with operations in Singapore at least one year prior to
      the closing date for application.

    2. For applications under the Regional award category, the organisation is required to have a
      registered regional office in South East Asia or South Asia, at least one year prior to the
      closing date for entry.

    3. Any organisation, as defined by point 1 or 2, which has adopted an effective approach to
      environmental management and sustainable development can demonstrate their environmental
      achievements in the following ways:-  
        • The application can be on the basis of organisation-wide adoption of green
          practices, or implementation in key organisation activities that reduce
          environmental impact.
        • Organisations with more than one site with unique environmental achievement records
          are welcome to make applications for the individual sites.

    4. All past year SEAA applicants and winners are eligible to apply for the current year’s SEAA.

    5. The site of assessment can be located locally in Singapore or overseas.

    6. The organisation’s listing status on the stock exchange is not a factor for this award.

    7. The parent organisation may apply on behalf of its subsidiaries. This need to be disclosed in the application form.

    8. The evaluation and assessment by Assessment Committee will be confidential and Steering Committee’s decision will be final.

    9. In line with guidelines from Enterprise Singapore, definition of SMEs: