Contest FAQs

Recycling Bin Design Contest

When will the school receive the $200?
> Schools who have successfully registered with their bank account details will receive the $200 within 2 weeks.

Can the school request for an additional recycling bin to design on?
> Yes, but confirmation will be on a case-by-case basis and has to be requested before 13 October

Can the school submit more than one design per school?
> Schools are encouraged to only submit one design on the recycling bin provided.

Does the school have to participate in both contests?
> Yes, schools are highly encouraged to participate in both contests.

Who can participate in this contest?
> In collaboration with SembWaste Pte Ltd, this contest is open to selected primary and secondary schools within SembWaste’s waste collection sector. Click here for the full list.

PET Bottles Collection Contest

When will schools be receiving the recycling bins?
> Between 16-23 October – 7am to 5pm on weekdays and between 7am to 2pm on Saturday. Schools may receive the bins earlier.

Do I have to be present to receive the bins?
> Yes. Please also kindly identify the best location to place the bins and direct the delivery accordingly.

Do I have to be present during the collection?
> Yes, please arrange for someone to be there to direct the SembWaste representative to the bins, and to witness the weighing.



•  Course fee of S$4501 payable per eligible participant is only applicable for up to 3 participants per business entity registered and operating in Singapore, with a minimum of 30% local shareholding.

•  Participants must be nominated by their company as the company’s representatives for participation in this series of Sustainability Courses2.

•  Each individual will only be supported to participate in these sustainability courses once.

•  Company is liable to make full payment for the course fees if the company or participants are found to be ineligible or fail to complete the course.


1 GST for the original course fee is payable
2 The first series of Enterprise Sustainability Programme – Sustainability Courses is offered by Singapore Environment Council, Global Compact Network Singapore, and PwC Singapore. You may refer here for the list of courses under the series.