How SEC creates programmes to address conservation and sustainability for corporations

With 25 years of experience, SEC has transformed from being a green start-up NGO, to an organisation that works closely with the public and private sector to champion greener economic solutions in Singapore. Hear more from our Chairman, Ms Isabella Huang-Loh, on how Singapore Environment Council is leading the charge with innovative and digital programmes that address conservation and sustainability for corporations.

3 ways Singapore Environment Council helps champion sustainable development for corporations and the community


Singapore Green Label

As a member of the Global Eco-Labelling Network, the Singapore Green Label is recognised in over 20 countries around the world, and one of the most comprehensive certifications for green practices. The assessment is intentionally rigorous as it covers manufacturing to the final product and even how the product can be recycled or disposed, certifying that a product is holistically sustainable. The Singapore Green Label recognises the commitment of our partners to be owners in supporting a worldwide green movement that puts an emphasis on sustainability first.

HSBC SME Green Loan

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) holding its internationally recognised certification, the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS), and Eco Certifications can now apply for financing with HSBC SME Green Loan (Green Loan). SMEs can look forward to access green finance to transform their business model and focus on environmental sustainability.

Holistic Green Campaigns

SEC goes beyond short term programmes and conducts long term campaigns and studies that tackle big environmental issues in Singapore like food and plastic waste.  According to our Plastic Waste study in 2018, 467 million PET bottles alone are used and discarded. As a result, Singapore Environment Council launched the One Less Plastic Campaign with selected schools in 2019. In partnership with Sembcorp and sponsored by Coca-Cola, the campaign aimed to raise awareness that PET bottles are fully recyclable, and have value beyond their initial use. This served as a reminder for students that they can play a huge role in recycling and reducing plastic waste while contributing to the greening of Singapore.

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