SGLS and Enhanced SGLS


The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) endorses industrial and consumer products that are produced in an environmentally-friendly manner. Started in 1992, it is Singapore’s foremost environmental standard and certification label. With strong credibility and affirmation from its stakeholders, SEC has eco- certified more than 3,800 products from 770 companies, used in 43 countries  including Malaysia, Indonesia, hina and the United States. Application for the Singapore  Green Label is open to both local and foreign companies.

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Enhanced SGLS (SGLS +) 

The enhanced Singapore Green Labelling Scheme for Pulp and Paper Products (SGLS+) for pulp and paper was launched in January 2017 in response to the absence of peatland management and fire management in this category. This enhanced scheme requires companies to improve their peatland management and commit to the early detection and suppression of fires when they do occur. Companies must also comply with the existing requirements of zero-burning on their plantations.

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