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Experiential Trails & Workshops

Gaia Trails

There is no better classroom than the great outdoors. In Singapore, we have with over 100 nature parks and natural spaces. Come and learn about environmental issues plaguing them, and experience for yourself what Nature can teach us.

We have developed five trails each with distinct environmental messages and experiential learning to drive home clear messages and take-aways that are thought provoking and purpose driven to move you into action.

• Coney Island Trail
• Lower Pierce Trail
• Marina Barrage/ Bayfront Trail
• Pasir Ris Trail
• Sungei Buloh Trail

All these trails are programmed to generate greater appreciation of our unique bio-diversity heritage as well as the delicate eco-system balance that is so critical for our continued well-being but yet often overlooked and taken for granted

Time: Preferably AM, 1.5-2 hours
Remarks: 1 Facilitator to 15 Participants. Suitable for all age groups.

SEC Seminar Series

Sustainability is the buzz word today with more communities and organisations taking the initiative to manage their environmental impacts. All of us  can play a part by adopting low-carbon lifestyles! Also find out how Singapore manages her waste and what you can do, together with businesses, to refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle waste (5Rs)

Topics, include:

  • Climate Change and Going Low-carbon
  • Waste Minimization & the 5Rs
  • Eco-Labelling and Green Purchasing

Venue / Time: At your convenience, approx. 45 minutes

For more information, contact us at training@sec.org.sg