Re-conomy: Creating A New Plastics Economy

The population of Singapore is using a minimum of 1.76 billion plastic items each year. This includes 820 million plastic bags from supermarkets, 467 million PET bottles, and 473 million plastic disposable items. Other key findings of the study showed that Singapore’s recycling efforts and supporting markets within Singapore that demand recycled plastic. 


Plastic Bag Position Paper 

Gain a detailed and thorough understanding by reading SEC’s position paper. The wastage of plastic bags is a serious issue, and we at SEC take a serious view on it. We have compiled studies and analysis to show the harmful aspects, and hope to bring on a change in the mindset and behaviour of the population.

If you wish for a more sustainable future for our children and generations to come, continue the momentum of our effort. It is through education that Singapore has become a first-world nation. It is through education, that we must now maintain a ‘first-world environment’.

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