Singapore Environment CouncilCity Developments Limited

Organisational Awareness


  • Set up a green committee to involve your colleagues in implementing environmental initiatives together
  • Management support is important in keeping your office’s green journey going - be sure to communicate with your management and obtain their support as well
  • Encourage staff involvement; include training and awareness building (e.g. through talks, sharing/discussion sessions in meetings, field trips, activities etc.) to breed an office culture that is mindful of their environmental impact - make use of these opportunities to help staff to bond together as well
  • Conduct an environmental audit to determine the areas and issues that need focus.
  • Develop specific action plans and targets with a clear time frame for individual issues, e.g. reducing paper consumption by 10% in the next year. Get your management to endorse such action plans as well.
  • Start to monitor your consumption rates (per head) for electricity, water and paper. This helps your office to identify and track whether your environmental guidelines put in placed have been effective
  • Get feedback from staff and communicate results and progress.


  • Use electronic methods of communication to disseminate information (e.g. emails, e-reminders).
  • Use computer-linked faxes instead of paper faxes, which allow faxes to be viewed directly from a computer without requiring a printed hard copy. Refrain from using thermal faxes as thermal paper is not recyclable and fades away over time.

Reference Material

  • Maintain an electronic database which staff can easily access documents, archives and reference materials. Ensure that there is regular housekeeping so that such network files are well organized - less energy is needed to maintain the virtual network.
  • For hard copy reference materials/databases, have a centralised reference centre to keep them.
  • Reduce your disposable waste by encouraging staff to keep their own set of crockery and cutlery in the pantry. Also encourage them to bring their own containers and reusable bags when buying takeaway.

Green Transport

  • Encourage staff to carpool and/or take public transportation when travelling to and from work or for lunch.
  • Have staggered working hours allows staff to avoid the peak hour and encourage them to use public transport or cycle to work.
  • Introduce a monthly “Work from Home” scheme to reduce travelling.
  • Encourage staff to cycle to work by having bicycle storage and showering facilities near/within the office compound.