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Energy Conservation

  • Switch off all lights and electronic equipment when not in use, including after office hours and during weekends. Lights and machines give off heat, so turning them off when not in use also helps to reduce your building's cooling requirements. This reduces energy usage by up to 25%.
  • Enable energy-saving features on all electronic equipment.
  • Set your computer to switch to sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity rather than switching into screen saver mode. Contrary to the perception that screen savers help to conserve energy, they do not.
  • Opt for LCD monitor screens - an LCD monitor will cut down 70% of energy use as compared to a CRT monitor.
  • Reduce standby energy by using one multi-purpose machine for photocopying and printing or having a few to share. This will decrease the amount of ‘idle’ time and provide for more cost effective use of the equipment.
  • Compare and opt for lower energy consumption makes when purchasing electronic equipment - look out for equipment that match and cater to the needs of your office.
  • Maximise the use of natural lighting wherever possible.
  • Install switches to allow dimness of light to be adjusted.
  • Install occupancy sensors in meeting rooms and toilets.
  • Make use of lighting reflectors to increase lux in the office rather than the number of lighting tubes. Fewer lighting tubes used will translate into less energy bills to pay.
  • Make sure external doors and windows are closed to prevent cool air from escaping
  • Regular maintenance and annual servicing of your air conditioning system helps to ensure maximum energy efficiency and performance.