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The first step for any office wanting to improve their environmental standing is to establish commitment. This will help to set targets, develop programmes and goals and monitor progress. All offices should have an environmental policy that is adopted, authorised and committed to by the top management. It will be difficult to maintain enthusiasm and channel the appropriate time and resources to greening the office without any support.

Office environmental policies should state the following:

  • Minimise the use of natural resources and lessen the impact on the environment. This should take into account issues of waste generation.
  • Meet or exceed all applicable regulations on the environmental at all locations.
  • Purchase non-polluting and energy efficient technologies wherever possible.
  • Set its own standards and targets where no relevant government regulation exists.
  • Establish an action plan with a regular review of progress.
  • Measure progress against set targets for resource efficiency and pollution reduction.
  • Assist suppliers and customers to promote greener products and services.
  • Report fully the environmental performance of the office to stakeholders and communities in annual report.


  • Start and continue discussing environmental issues and your office's impact routinely during office meetings.
  • Appoint a green champion for your office. This may be a person or committee responsible for implementing environmental initiatives.
  • Ensure that your appointed green champion has adequate time and resources.
  • Encourage staff involvement; include training and raise awareness, and provide reminders.
  • Conduct an environmental audit to determine the areas and issues that need focus.
  • Develop specific action plans and targets for individual issues; make sure these are realistic.
  • Put in place monitoring programmes to determine your office's progress.
  • Get feedback from staff and communicate results and progress.