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Merck Pte. Ltd. - Why the Eco-Office Label is more than just a certificate

Environment protection is an important topic that Merck is addressing in a variety of different ways. Globally, we set ourselves the ambitious goal to reduce our CO2 emissions and increase our recycling-rate by 20% by 2020. At Merck, all environmentally relevant processes are steered with an internal environmental management system, and it was Merck who first developed the “Retrologistik” return system in Germany for the return of used and unused products from our chemicals product range.

Ready, Set. Go! More than 400 participants took part in the first Merck CO2 Challenge end of 2010.

In Singapore we are also highly committed to environment protection. In addition to the global initiatives, we have established our own 10 for 2010 environment programme:

With 10 steps in 2010 we set the course to fully achieve Merck’s global climate goals while fulfilling our role as responsible Corporate Citizen in Singapore by reaching out to our partners, customers and the community.

Getting the Eco-Office Label from Singapore Environment Council was one of our main goals for 2010. We think that can help us to control our efforts better and also provide us with the necessary guidance to achieve long-term success and sustainability.

In addition to get control over “our own backyard” we are using our resources to really reach out. One of our 10 steps for example was the Merck CO2 Challenge, a sports event we used to raise funds to plant trees at schools in Singapore. More than 150 customers and business partners joined this event in December 2010 – and in March 2011 we started with the tree-plantings. SEC was our official partner for this initiative.

Another successful cornerstone of our efforts was the introduction of the so called ‘Gocycle’ recycling programme for some of our pharmaceutical products. More than 23 clinics are taking part and supporting us already.

These two initiatives were the most interesting experiences in last year. We are really happy to see so many of our stakeholders supporting us in our efforts.

Merck in Singapore is regularly organizing events for their staff and their families

The Eco-Office Label was crucial for us to have the courage to even do something externally. Having a trustworthy partner like SEC on board was certainly one of the aspects that we get so many followers.

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